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Ana Maria Valenzuela & Fernando Aguirre Ode.


Aguirre Veliz

There are plenty of photos of us in these pages so there is no reason to include another one here!


Leon Aguirre

Photo (l to r): Maria Fernanda Leon, Ana Maria Aguirre, Carolina Leon, Roberto Leon.


Aguirre Katz

Photo (l to r): Felipe Aguirre, Paula Katz, Gonzalo Aguirre, Francisca Aguirre. (Photo courtesy of Pablo Serrano)


Aguirre Ulloa

Photo (l to r): Andres J. Aguirre, Florencia Aguirre, Isabel M. Ulloa, Maria Jesus Aguirre, Manuela Aguirre.


Aguirre Alcalde

Photo (l to r): Pablo Jose Aguirre, Maria Ignacia Aguirre, Pablo Aguirre V., Maria Elisa Aguirre, Angelita Aguirre, Angela Alcalde.


Gloria Aguirre

(1963-1998) - We miss you!


Dahma Aguirre

Photo (l to r): Mauricio Dahma, Cecilia Aguirre, Joaquin Novoa Aguirre, Trinidad Novoa Aguirre, Sebastian Dahma Gonzalez.


Older Family Photos

Aguirre Valenzuela (2003)


Aguirre Valenzuela (1992)


Aguirre Valenzuela (1985)


Aguirre Valenzuela (1978)


Aguirre Valenzuela (1969)


Losses in the Family

Manuel Aguirre Aguirre

In October 2009, we lost our cousin Manuel who was like a brother to us!

  Manuel Aguirre A. (Oct 1, 1945 - Oct 4, 2009)

We remember Manuel as a smart, funny, and witty guy, who always had a joke ready to tell, typical of all the Aguirre cousins. We miss him!

Some of the most recent photos with Manuel appear below.

Celebrating FAO's 80th birthday! (Dec 2008)


                With his whole family during RAODYP 2008.

With all the Aguirre cousins.... memories of enjoying a good time (Oct 2008).