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Contributed Photos and Videos

This page includes photos and videos provided by family and friends.


Aguirre Ulloa

Family fun in the South of Chile (Photo submitted by Andres Aguirre V., March 2007)


These are some of the views while rafting. Left: Volcan Osorno; Right: Rio Petrohue (Photos submitted by Andres Aguirre V., March 2007)


Dahma Aguirre

Anyone had a car named after you? Well....this is the TriniVan! (Photo contributed by Cecilia Aguirre V., July 2008)


Leon Aguirre

Maria Fernanda Leon Aguirre (taken with a mobile phone)

(Video clip submitted by Roberto Leon, March 2007)


Veliz Kushner

Paulina and Edgardo Veliz Kushner; meeting after a long stay in Australia (Photo submitted by Edgardo Veliz V., August 2007)