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Slovenia (August 2010)

After 26 years, Monica and I finally made it back together to Ljubljana to visit our good friend Saso Pavko and his family. (I had a chance to visit alone in 2001 on a skiing trip to Kranska Gora). It was Yugoslavia in 1984 when we first visited and we always had wanted to go back. Things looked quite different and it was very nice to spend some time with Saso, Breda, and their children, as well as see again some of the sites in Ljubljana.

Waiting for our coffee in downtown Ljubljana.


                                 This is one of the traditional Ljubljana landmarks in the center of town.


After visiting many of the nice sites in downtown Ljubljana, we drove to Kurescek, where the Pavko's have a cabin that Saso built himself shortly after we first met in the early 80s.

It is a beautiful area and we had a wonderful relaxing time, enjoying great food, beer, wine, and catching up on everything that had happened since we last saw each other.


Saso in action as he prepares the barbecue.

Photo (l to r): Fernando J. Aguirre, Aleksander (Saso) Pavko, Neza Pavko, Monica Veliz, and Breda Pavko (Missing: Luka Pavko).


Chile (November 2010)

After not being able to travel for about 15 years, Pablo Serrano visited us in Chile while celebrating his recently obtained USA permanent residency. On Nov 28, Pablo organized an Aguirre and Serrano family get together that was a lot of fun.

(Photo courtesy of Pablo Serrano; posing in the first row!)

The day provided the opportunity for all to share old memories while enjoying a nice lunch with "empanadas".

Photo (l to r): Guido Serrano, Monica Veliz, Cecilia Aguirre.


                       It was also an opportunity for these gorgeous cousins to get together.