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Northeast USA (July 2007)

In July 2007 we traveled to the northeast and visited good friends.



We started the trip by celebrating the 4th of July with the Cataldos, who received us with a wonderful family atmosphere, a great barbeque, and even fireworks right from their back yard.

Photo (left to right): Luis Cataldo, Monica, Miriam Ortiz



On July 5, we drove south of Baltimore to visit Taryn and Gary Bayles and their family. We had a wonderful time while enjoying "authentic" Rouladen.

Photo (left to right): Gary Bayles, Nathan Bayles, Taryn Bayles, Monica, Alexandra Bayles



Before traveling back to Texas, we had a day to visit Steve and Leslie Tang and their family in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They actually live a little south of Bethlehem, town where we lived in the early 80s. It was great to share some time with good friends during this trip.

Photo (left to right): Lauren Tang, Monica, Leslie Tang